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I credit everything I post. If there is a post that was originally mine and it is missing a credit, someone removed it. The original posts always have credit.
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  • You Chose 

    You chose.
    You chose.
    You chose.

    You chose to give away your love.
    You chose to have a broken heart.
    You chose to give up. 
    You chose to hang on.

    You chose to react.
    You chose to feel insecure.
    You chose to feel anger.
    You chose to fight back.
    You chose to have hope.

    You chose to be naïve. 
    You chose to ignore your intuition.
    You chose to ignore advice.
    You chose to look the other way. 
    You chose to not listen. 
    You chose to be stuck in the past. 

    You chose your perspective. 
    You chose to blame. 
    You chose to be right.
    You chose your pride. 
    You chose your games.
    You chose your ego.
    You chose your paranoia. 
    You chose to compete.
    You chose your enemies.
    You chose your consequences.

    You chose.
    You chose.
    You chose.
    You chose.

    However, you are not alone. Generations of women in your family have chosen. Women around the world have chosen. We all have chosen at one time in our lives. We stand behind you now screaming: 

    Choose to let go.
    Choose dignity. 
    Choose to forgive yourself.
    Choose to forgive others.
    Choose to see your value.
    Choose to show the world you’re not a victim.
    Choose to make us proud

    —    Shannon L. Alder

    “ Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had. ”

    —    Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones


    When Scamp was born, he was named after Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He thinks this gives him the rights to all pizza. Cowabunga!

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